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Darshan is the Co-Owner of FOI restaurants. He is a master chef and is recognized for his unique talents and skill sets. He is warm, friendly and approachable and most likely to be in the West Hollywood locations. He is also welcoming with his guests in his restaurants and often very accommodating.


Sam is the humble proprietor of Flavor of India Restaurants for the past 16 years. His goal is to ensure people are comfortable and feel welcome when dining at Flavor of India Restaurants. He believes that every meal should be an experience a philosophy that reflects through FOI restaurants.


Flavor of India is famous for its atmosphere. When you think about the kind of people that visit FOI over and over, it ranges from your favorite celebrities to your friends and family. When you walk into Flavor of India, you are instantly welcomed like you are family. Our main goal is to make you feel at home the moment you step into our establishment. That is the way we serve our food, treat our loyal customers and that is what we have built our core foundation on.

Customer Quotes

  • Awesome lunch spot! Best deal is the $12.50 for all you eat lunch buffet, and it comes with a glass of bubbly champagne! The chicken tikka masala was incredible! Seriously good for buffet style lunch. I had it with naan and some traditional rice-- on point if you love carbs like me!
  • Wonderful Indian food, very delicious. We went there for the dinner.  Chicken tikka masala was fantastic. I literally licked my plate clean.

  • The tikka masala stole the show, I am usually a bigger fan of the vindaloo, but the sauce was almost perfect.  Don't get me wrong, the vindaloo was delicious and perfectly spiced, (I had the peppers it comes with for an extra kick)!
  •  “I have been here several times and this remains to be one of my favorite Indian restaurants in Los Angeles.”